Ghana Visit March 2012

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Julie, Jessie and me visited Ghana between March 15th and March 28th. It was a challenging trip in every sense of the word . We had two aims. First to transfer the making of the button hearts from Kumasi to the workshop in Kumbungu and second to set up our new textile project Teela Textiles. We had just 12 days to buy the fabrics we needed, get the workshop up and running, train the ladies how to make the new products that include bags, pouffees, cushion covers and also transfer the making of the button hearts to Kumbungu and undertake the necessary training. Phew! (and it was hot too with a couple of days approaching 45 degrees C). Wumbe aaccompanied us for the whole trip and Awabu came north for the first few days training. Anyway despite the time pressure we succeeded and will be receiving our first shipment of textile and Kumbungu made button hearts in June. It was also great to see Jonas from Burkina Faso who came south to Kumbungu. He works alonside David Murden at the And Albert Foundation. on charitable work and aslo craft workers.

Making Button Hearts


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