Button Hearts

Each button heart is unique in terms of button selection and colour.

Made from both recycled and new buttons the hearts, which come in four sizes, are ideal as a small gift or as a keepsake.

Each button heart is supplied with a Buttons for Africa information label and a ribbon so the heart can be hung.

Button Hearts for You

If you would like to buy our button hearts go to our buy now page.

Button Hearts for Shops

We offer a retailer package for shops either as a minimum order of 36 hearts or carriage paid of 72.

The package includes

  • Your stock. Each heart comes with an attached information label
  • Button collection box
  • A laminated A4 poster with pictures and information about the project
  • An optional display board

To order or find out more please contact us

Doing a Summer or Christmas Fair? Why not sell some Button Hearts!

For those of you who run stalls at school fairs, local shows or events Button Hearts may offer you an opportunity to raise a little money and sell something that’s going to help the project.  We can offer you a retail package so you can display the hearts and have all the information to tell the story. Contact us for more information.

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