The Project

When Jessie Miller’s “Button Hearts” proved a best seller in the And Albert shops, gift shop owner Matthew Sutton suggested making the hearts would make a perfect employment project for disadvantaged women in the villages the And Albert Foundation  supports in Ghana. (

In March 2010 Matthew visited Ghana and left £900 with project leaders Wumbe and Awabu Alhassan to begin renovations on a disused building in Kumbungu, Northern Ghana owned by the And Albert Foundation to serve as a workshop. In the meantime over 40 kilos of buttons, 3.5 kilometres of wire and the same amount of ribbon were either collected or bought and in July 2010 Matthew and Jessie went to Ghana to set up the project.

While Matthew worked out the logistics with Wumbe, Jessie ran an intensive training programme with Awabu on how to make and finish the Button Hearts. The first batch of hearts came back in September 2010 and in December we sent a second shipment of buttons, wire and ribbon out to Ghana. While the workshop is being completed in Kumbungu the Button Hearts are being made in Kumasi. This is providing vital additional employment for ladies currently training in sowing skills until the workshop is completed.

We are expecting our second shipment of around 6,000 Button Hearts back in the middle of May. The hearts themselves are now all made and Awabu and her ladies are currently attaching the Buttons for Africa information labels onto the hearts.

We now have over twenty stockists around the UK that include the Brighton Pavilion, London Zoo, Shared Earth and other gift shops, including And Albert.

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